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Maximize on Prospects of Attracting More Funding

Grant receivers begin their journey by registering on the GGC portal. They then move on to complete a Certification Readiness Assessment to gauge their ability to comply with 1 of 4 tiers of the GFGP Standard.

The results of this assessment act as a blueprint that grant receivers can use to improve their grant management capabilities and move up the tiers of the Standard. Grant receivers can be supported in this progression by working with approved GFGP training providers.

See the path to certification below:

GFGP Certification Bodies

Grant receivers can maximize their prospects of attracting funding, by being auditing by a licensed GFGP Certification Body. Auditing is provided by a global network of firms appointed by the GGC. In most countries there are a minimum of two firms to choose from.

These independent organizations will carry out an assessment of a grant receiver’s ability to comply with 1 of 4 tiers of the Standard. Organizations that are successful, will receive a detailed assessment report and Certificate of Compliance, which can be displayed on a searchable database used by funders during grant application due diligence.

Certification Body GFGP Tiers Licensed to
Audit and Certify
Territories Principle Contact Contact Details
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Global

Gerald Bates

Mark Henderson

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Global

Pesh Framjee

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum UK

Jayne Rowe

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Africa

Simon Mutinda