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The Trusted Standard for Grant Funding

We digitize, standardize and de-risk the due diligence process for both funders and grant receivers

For grant givers (grantors)

For grantees to complete online assessments of their compliance to the GFGP standard, view and download assessments reports and supporting documentation submitted by grantees.

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For grant receivers (grantees)

Complete the GFGP compliance assessments, questionnaire and give viewing permission to your current or future grantor.

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Where funders find the world’s most capable and trusted partners

The Global Grant Community (GGC) is the place where grantees and grantors can come together to share best practice in all things to do with improving the management of grant funding.

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The value of building self-reliance & reducing risk

The mission of the Global Grant Community is to simplify and strengthen funding to help those most in need around the world

A standard for NGOs, Charities and Other Organizations

Grant receivers can use the Standard as a blueprint to improve their grant management capabilities, including leveraging private funding locally as part of their journey to self-reliance.

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Funders have a right to expect and demand that nonprofits manage grants effectively and ethically

For as little as $250 per assessment, funders can invite and pay for grantees to carry out a GFGP Pre-Certification Assessment to demonstrate their ability to comply with one of the four tiers of the new global Standard, as part of their pre-award due diligence.

One Standard accommodates All